I surrender.

To all you Nomads following the rythm of nature.

This is an important message from the new moon, now positioning in Libra.

“Hello dear child.

I am her with powerful energy for transformation. I’m ready to give you the strenght and the energy to make a big leap forward towards living your wildest dream. But you have to work with me, if you want this to really happen.

This is what I’m asking you to do.

I want you to bravely open your heart and feel the absolute willingness to receive everything that truly belongs to you. I’m asking you to become fully dedicated. To take yourself serious, to take your mission serious, to take your own truth serious and most of all to take the help of nature and the universe serious. I’m asking you to to be fully present with and dedicated to YOUR life. To give your undivided attention and love to your wildest dreams.

Because I want righteousness for who you truly are here to be. 

I’m asking you a lot. I know. But here is the good part. You get the absolute freedom to let your joy, your curiosity and excitement for all that is waiting for you, guide you. You get the absolute freedom to follow your magic.

I will also help you to slow down, so you will have the time and space to feel grateful. Deeply grateful. To feel in every cell of your body that everything is finally synchronizing. Because it is. The way is being cleared for you, so you can really experience your true story.

And there is more help. Mars and Mercury are in retrograde now, and they will help you to slow down some more to fall into deep reflective state. To peacefully sit with yourself, be with yourself. To see your past with clear eyes. To re-think and re-frame your life story. To let go of all the old truths that you have held onto for years. It is time to release those last scraps, that you maybe not have felt ready for before. It’s safe now to say goodby.

It is safe now and there is so much help to heal your heart from past wound. To set yourself free. To create a safe place in your heart where you can receive all the new that is waiting for your. A place were the new you can truly feel welcome. At home, loved unconditionally. Because that is what you truly deserve.

This period does not provide an immediate shift, but gives you the space to prepare yourself.

These next three weeks we will work for you to prepare you for those big jumps you are going to make. So I am asking you. Work with us. Use the next three weeks to prepare yourself. So you will be able to move into the next level. To leap into a world with more love and energy.

And to do it like a real Nomad. Calm, brave and graceful.

So grateful to be here for you.  We are all just flowing eachother home.


the moon. “